SHOW ALERT: Regular Abnormalities, April 6-21

Postcard courtesy of Tyler Neal.

Postcard courtesy of Tyler Neal.

It’s that time of year in the Indianapolis arts scene, where all thoughts turn to BFA student shows of all kinds. Coming from personal perspective, it’s an exciting and thrilling time as you’re hurrying around the city to post your postcards and show bills everywhere, eager to show the city a year’s worth of hard work, hyperventilation, and serious thought.

I’m happy to be able to share with you news of a show being put on by two of my fellow painting colleagues. Courtney Wesemann and Elizabeth Wamsley are orchestrating Regular Abnormalities, which is being held by The Thompson Collection in Broad Ripple from April 6 until April 21, 2012. From personal experience*, I can attest to the fact that The Thompson Collection is an amazing venue and that Regular Abnormalities‘ opening on April 6 — during First Friday! — will be an absolute aesthetic treat, especially to fans of abstract oil painting and unique installations. I highly urge anyone reading this living in the Indianapolis metro area to attend, if not during the opening then certainly during The Thompson Collection’s business hours.

Now to the mechanics of attendance: Opening Reception 6pm-10pm, The Thompson Collection, 6516 Carrollton Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220-1617. Be there or be square!

* Full disclosure: as I am also a client of The Thompson Collection and am friends with both Ms. Wesemann and Ms. Wamsley, this inevitably reads with great bias. Although I acknowledge the bias, I also insist that the work is top notch. If in doubt, wait for my review of the opening on the 6th and decide to go at another time. Fondly, The Author

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